Air Monitoring

Air Monitoring

The MD8 Airscan® provides non-stop active air monitoring for at least 8 hours, using only one single gelatin membrane filter. Rule out false negative results; the proprietary, USP-approved filter retains even the smallest airborne microorganisms and monitors viability at the most accurate level. MD8 Airscan®: Convenient, continuous monitoring no one else can offer.

Gelatin membrane filters (GMF) in Biosafe® Bags are aseptically transferred without any risk of contamination through the Biosafe® Port into the desired critical area, such as an ISO 5 – 9 cleanroom. The Biosafe® Port used in conjunction with the Biosafe® Bag is also well-suited for transferring used materials outside such facilities. At the same time, both the GMF in Biosafe® Bags and the Biosafe® Port eliminate the need for prior loading of (sterility testing) isolators and filling lines, which is expensive and takes up space inside. Instead, this combination can be quickly added afterwards without requiring an extra H2O2 cycle. The MD8 Airscan® is also needed to perform active monitoring of airborne microorganisms and viruses

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