Sterility Testing

Sterility Testing

Sterility Testing Start your test directly, without any need for rinsing: Gamma-sterilized and gas-impermeable primary packaging. When you use standard, gas-impermeable primary packaging, you first have to go to the trouble of flushing the units with a rinsing liquid inside the isolator to remove all traces of residual gas. Not so with our gamma-sterilized and gas-impermeable primary packaging. It enables you to omit the rinsing procedure and proceed right away with testing. This will save you not only many steps, but also your budget for rinsing liquid Double safety for you and your sample:Sterisart® Septum for aseptic sampling and injectionA critical step in sterility testing is sampling from or injecting into a canister. The septum technology of our Sterisart® units has been proving its effectiveness for more than ten years as the method of choice for aseptic transfer of liquids. Your sample will remain safely protected against contamination, as the septum ensures a sterile barrier. At the same time, the simple piercing mechanism minimizes your risk of puncture injuries.

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