Blister packaging

Our innovative blister machines are designed particularly to meet the requirements and high expectations of the pharmaceutical industry.

Characteristics of our BS series are high quality, flexibility and an ergonomic operator friendly layout to only name a few.

Through thermo or cold forming our blister machines process a great variety of foils, e.g. PVC, PVdC, Alu/Alu, Aclar and PP.

From feeding to outfeed station your products will be handled with utmost care.

Due to the economical tool design you can count on quick format changes at minimized cost.

    The modular machine concept of the BL-400 allows for a high variation in products and the option for future upgrades. The high-performance blister machine can handle thermoforming as well as coldforming materials.

    Due to the machine’s sturdy and efficient design you can expect a flexible, reliable and economical automation of the packaging process.

    The horizontal process flow allows for the packaging of various pharmaceutical products different in size and shape:
    •    Ampoules
    •    Bottles
    •    Carpules
    •    Syringes
    •    Vials

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