Packaging Solutions for Liquid Pharmaceuticals

Packaging Solutions for Liquid Pharmaceuticals

Washing of ampoules and vials

In parenteral packaging, open containers have to be washed before they can be sterilised. Already at this first stage, quality in washer design and construction pays off. Issues in the washing process will downstream process steps. ROTA washing machines are suited best for an effi cient and gentle washing of ampoules and vials. The transportation of the containers by means of precision pincers and latest servomotor technique guarantees a high security standard with respect to glass breakage and cross-contamination. The design of the machine provides not only the capability to process a wide range of object sizes at high speed, but also the possibility of an ultrasonic pre-washing bath as well as custom-made versions.


Sterility of containers and closures is the essential criteria for filling of solution for injection. Consequently our highlevel technology approach is to achieve the necessary high temperatures at constant level by using the principle of heated air flow. The continuous depyrogenation is guaranteed by re-circulated hot air sterilisation in the treatment zones of the tunnel. ROTA tunnel with integrated control and electronics are characterised by a small footprint. The optimised air handling based on measurements of pressure differences guarantees a very high reliability of the sterilisation process even under difficult room pressure regimes.

Filling & Closing

From small scale batches to mass production / Ampoule filling and sealing machine

Virtually zero breakage …
Ampoules - the perfect container to store parenteral fluids. It is self-evident that the filling and sealing may only take place under optimal sterile conditions. In order to achieve the high level of safety and process reliability, the appropriate technical solution and decades of experience are required

Highest flexibility for the best conditions …
A comprehensive list of optional features and accessories allows our machines to meet your individual needs. Combination machines in which ampoules, vials and bottles can be filled and closed with minimal changeover work underline
our flexible and wide machine port-folio

Masch Fuellen

Integrated lines for ampoules, vials and bottles

The manufacturing of large quantities requires highly automated process concepts. To achieve this goal, machines for the basic processing steps like washing, sterilising, filling and closing are integrated in a production line. The large throughput capacities allow for low manufacturing costs. The reduced operator impact on the objects leads to even improved process quality of the sterile filling.
All automated ROTA machines can be linked and integrated into compact processing lines. Even ampoules, vials and bottles can be easily processed on the same system. Large and complex machinery of this type is commonly designed and built to specific customer needs. Already in the design phase an experienced team of engineers and technicians is supporting our customers.
Masch - Komplette Linie

Labelling machines for ampoules, vials and bottles

Labels are the signboard of all products. Drugs may be marketed only with properly attached and error-free labels. A particular requirement to labelling therefore is the outstanding focus on product safety and quality. There the labelling machine becomes part of the quality control system. ROTA labelling machines for self-adhesive labels meet all requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in an optimal manner. And this with top precision at high speeds. Compact design, precise label handling and state of the art on-board electronic controls are the guarantee for your investment.
Labelling machines for ampoules, vials and bottles

Processing machines for pre-sterilized syringes

The ROTA processing machine for nested and pre-sterilised syringes is a translation and integration of ROTA´s decades of experience as supplier for the pharmaceutical industry. The machine concept is based on careful analysis of customer expectations. The machine program meets the customer needs both for the start-up of syringe production as well as for mass production. The ROTA syringe machines feature the use of the latest servo motor technology and machine components of the latest generation. Serial kinematics robotics (SCARA) and advanced control programming allow the precise execution of each individual processing steps. As customer you will therewith take advantage of an automated, trouble-free processing in combination with high product quality.
Processing machines for pre-sterilized syringes

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