Fluid Management

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing single-use solutions, we are your best partner for running your future manufacturing facilities. We partner with you and we provide the most reliable, economical and safest solutions for all your process steps and applications. You can fully benefit of our experience and the advantages of our single-use solutions to accelerate your time to market, improve your manufacturing flexibility and reduce your costs.

Liquid Transfer is an essential part of bio-manufacturing processes. For every clean or sterile transfer between different single-use, multi-use systems, or aseptic transfer through the walls of production areas or isolators, you will find the adapted Pre-Designed Solution. Robust, sterile and ready to use TuFlux®Transfer Sets and Biosafe® Raft Systems create flexibility in all your process steps. TuFlux® Silicone stand alone tubing coils are also available to build your own assemblies.

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