Isolator technologies

Production isolator for filling lines

SKAN production isolators for filling lines are used in many FDA-approved systems. Aseptic and aseptic/toxic filling machines meet the highest standards of our customers in terms of materials, qualification, handling and service.

Open and closed RABS

The RABS system serves to physically separate the product and process from the production environment and operators. Designed according to GMP guidelines, RABS from SKAN are Swiss made products and feature premium quality.

Liquid Transfer Systems


The AT-Port™ System is a smart connecting system that allows safe liquid transfer across a wall between two areas with different containment classifications. It was developed by Aseptic Technologies to allow safe and easy transfer of liquid products across the wall between two areas with different containment classifications.The AT-Port™ System is suitable for aseptic transfer, but also for safe transfer to highly contaminated environments.The AT-Port™ System can be used either to transfer product from traditional vessels or as part of a fully disposable fluid handling system.

Wireless Glove Leak Tester

WirelessGT is the most advanced and fully automated glove leak testing system, according to cGAMP, with pressure decay measurement for isolators and RABS in the pharmaceutical industry. Operation is simple and without tubes and wires. All the functions necessary for performing a reliable glove test are integrated in the battery-powered test cover. The test monitors the pressure loss of the glove/ sleeve assembly over a defined time. More than 1000 SKAN glove test covers have already been sold.

Powder Processing Isolators

API processing isolators from SKAN stand for customized high-end isolator technology for flexible purposes with ergonomic design for easy operation. A strong focus is set on fast cleaning/turn-around and safety for maintenance personnel. Accurate air conditioning (temperature, humidity, O2) with selectable setpoints is also a key aspect.

Material Airlock SKANFOG® SARA

SKANFOG® SARA is a safe and rapid material airlock with integrated SKANFOG® technology for a fast and gentle bio-decontamination transfer process. The stainless steel design is suitable for different cleanroom classifications. With its modular design, SKANFOG® SARA is available in three standard sizes and can also be adapted to customer requirements. Even loaded, very rapid cycle times are available.

Biological H2O2 indicators

The SKAN BI® is a biological indicator for H2O2 decontamination processes. It was developed in close collaboration with operators, process engineers and QA personnel. The innovative design of its carrier and immediate packaging guarantees optimal, secure handling. The SKAN BI®'s reproducibilityy and efficiency meets even the most stringent customer demands and cGMP requirements.

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