About Us

Biotest is a company established and led by experienced management with 25 years of successful engagement in industrial supply business. Our foreign partners are exclusively premium, highly reputable manufacturers and our business strategy is always to bring and maintain highest standards in term of products and services quality. Located centrally in South East Europe in the city of Belgrade we are actively present in the region with contacts established among key pharmaceutical accounts. We cover Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia and for some programs Hungary. We have our own office space positioned in one of the most prestigious diplomatic area in Belgrade.

What We Do

Processing & Packaging

Within the Processing & Packaging division Biotest exclusively represents industry leaders in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment. We are present in Solid Dosage Forms production with premium tablet presses, the best in the world tableting tools and newest technologies in tablet and capsule inspection. In liquid pharmaceutical processing, we are covering complete process: washing, sterilization, filling & closing, crimping, visual inspection, leak detection and labeling. Finally, we are offering secondary packaging and serialization & aggregation solutions. Machines and integrated lines are used worldwide in sterile and non-sterile, small and large molecule pharmaceutical production & packaging, in-process control. Food & beverage, chemical and petrochemical processes are also supported with our solutions.

Biotechnology& Life Science

Biotech division is offering the most advanced technologies and solutions for biopharmaceutical and life science segments. These platforms integrate proven services and technologies for the development and manufacture of mAbs, vaccines, bioconjugates and cell and gene therapy. The Sartorius Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing and Life Science Research portfolios deliver products and services to support researchers in academia, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. Our focus on drug discovery and cell biology is supported by innovative solutions for cell analysis, liquid handling, weighing applications, sample preparation, laboratory water, and related services.

Scientific & Industrial Lab Equipment

Division offers equipment, consumables and services for large scope of scientific and industrial quality control and R&D laboratories as well as for other laboratory work such as environmental and healthcare. Large number of applications in chemistry, physics, physical chemistry and microbiology areas are supplied and supported with our expertise and equipment.

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Water Purification

Food Analysis

Isolators – sterility testing, aseptic & aseptic-toxic applications

Testing chambers - accelerated weathering, light stability and corrosion

Lab filtration & sample preparation

Microbiological Quality Control

Particle size and shape analysis

Biologics Quality Control

Flow Cytometry

Cell Culture Media & Buffers

Cell and Gene Therapy

Protein Analysis

Life Science Research

Bioreactors | Fermenters

Process Chromatography

Aseptic Fluid Management

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing

Process analytical technology (PAT) and Data analytics

Particle characterization in process applications

Customized production isolators

Industrial drying solutions

Colloidal processing technologies

Stainless steel standard & tailor-made processing equipment

Liquid & gas process filtration

Inspection of tablets & capsules

Visual Inspection & Leak Testing (CCIT)

Serialization & Aggregation

Secondary Packaging

Solid forms processing

Liquid pharmaceuticals processing